17 Temmuz 2017 Pazartesi


Dear reader, this is my first experience with english. So sorry for my poory english. I know you will ask: "Why did you decide write an essay in english?" I decide, because some of my friends want that. And this one about blindness of people of  the world.
People always talking about freedom and always saying need more and more. And i always see somebody criticizing each other about making propaganda of religion, politics and something else. But they are blind on something: When they saying these things, making other advertises: Sin and indeceny. And they saying we are free we can talk about that. So why criticize to other people for their decisions?
So dear, you can say to my undear unreader: "Hey, when criticize someone first look at yourself and think twice, ok?" and blink your eye to him :) Sincerly.

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